Asymptote FAQ - Section 1
About Asymptote

Question 1.1. What is Asymptote?

Asymptote is a vector graphics language designed for technical graphics, inspired by MetaPost but with IEEE floating-point numerics, native three-dimensional graphics, Grayscale/RGB/CMYK colourspaces, and a C++-like syntax. Unlike MetaPost, it natively supports multiple-segment paths (and hence regions other than simply connected ones), tiling patterns, Gouraud shading, tensor patch shading, and PostScript images.

Question 1.2. How do I obtain Asymptote?

Binary releases are available for Linux, MacOS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms, in addition to full source code, from the website Many Linux distributions (such as RedHat and Debian) now include an Asymptote package (check your distribution's documentation for further information about this).

Question 1.3. Where can I ask questions about Asymptote?

If you have a question, please try to find an answer in this FAQ, in the extensive Asymptote documentation at, or search the forum:

Question 1.4. Why was the name Asymptote chosen?

Well, it isn't the perfect graphics package, but we do think it is getting there asymptotically...

Question 1.5. In the internal Asymptote source code, what does the name camp refer to?

That was our original tentative name for this project, which stood for "C's Answer to MetaPost" (the language that inspired Asymptote). However, we eventually decided that the name Asymptote better emphasizes the mathematical and graphical nature of this language.
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