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13 Help

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is maintained at

Questions on installing and using Asymptote that are not addressed in the FAQ should be sent to the Asymptote forum:

Including an example that illustrates what you are trying to do will help you get useful feedback. LaTeX problems can often be diagnosed with the -vv or -vvv command-line options. Contributions in the form of patches or Asymptote modules can be posted here:

To receive announcements of upcoming releases, please subscribe to Asymptote at

If you find a bug in Asymptote, please check (if possible) whether the bug is still present in the latest git developmental code (see Git) before submitting a bug report. New bugs can be reported at

To see if the bug has already been fixed, check bugs with Status Closed and recent lines in

Asymptote can be configured with the optional GNU library libsigsegv, available from, which allows one to distinguish user-generated Asymptote stack overflows (see stack overflow) from true segmentation faults (due to internal C++ programming errors; please submit the Asymptote code that generates such segmentation faults along with your bug report).