External Asymptote Links

  • Asymptote Tutorial by Charles Staats

  • Asymptote Wiki (including user-written tutorial)
  • Art of Problem Solving Forum
  • Asymptote modules and examples by Philippe Ivaldi

  • Another gallery of Asymptote examples by Gaétan Marris

  • Examples of Philippe Ivaldi's geometry module, which now ships with Asymptote and is documented here:
    Euclidean geometry with ASYMPTOTE (English translation)
    Géométrie euclidenne avec ASYMPTOTE (French original)

  • French Asymptote Wiki (including geometry examples)

  • Raoul's Bourquin's hyperbolic geometry module

  • Peter Luschny's orbital module

  • Simplified Chinese translation of Asymptote FAQ (translated by goodluck at
  • Further examples (including "Programming with Asymptote" textbook, written in Dutch)

  • Integrating Asymptote and LaTeX (also: French translation)

  • Asymptote Internals Wiki (for kernel and module developers)
  • Wikipedia / Wikibook
  • Asymptote support for TeXmacs
  • Asymptote support for TeXShop
  • Asymptote support for WinShell

  • Asymptote support for WordPress
  • Asymptote support for WinEdt
  • PyK Python+Qt4 Editor with Asymptote support
  • CIF and GDSII layout formats-to-Asymptote convertor
  • Peter Luschny's ASY-2-XHTML convertor
  • Beginnings of a graph theory module and example
  • Syzygies in Asymptote