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8.16 animation

This module allows one to generate animations, as illustrated by the files wheel.asy, wavepacket.asy, and cube.asy in the animations subdirectory of the examples directory. These animations use the ImageMagick convert program to merge multiple images into a GIF or MPEG movie.

The related animate module, derived from the animation module, generates higher-quality portable clickable PDF movies, with optional controls. This requires installing the package

(version 2007/11/30 or later) in a new directory animate in the local LaTeX directory (for example, in /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/animate). On UNIX systems, one must then execute the command texhash.

The example pdfmovie.asy in the animations directory, along with the slide presentations slidemovies.asy and intro.asy, illustrate the use of embedded PDF movies. The examples inlinemovie.tex and inlinemovie3.tex show how to generate and embed PDF movies directly within a LaTeX file (see LaTeX usage). The member function

string pdf(fit fit=NoBox, real delay=animationdelay, string options="",
           bool keep=settings.keep, bool multipage=true);

of the animate structure accepts any of the animate.sty options, as described here: