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Index Entry  Section

!: Arithmetic & logical
!=: Structures
!=: Arithmetic & logical

#: Arithmetic & logical

%: Arithmetic & logical
%: Interactive mode
%=: Self & prefix operators

&: Bezier curves
&: Arithmetic & logical
&&: Arithmetic & logical

*: Pens
*: Arithmetic & logical
**: Arithmetic & logical
*=: Self & prefix operators

+: Pens
+: Arithmetic & logical
++: Self & prefix operators
+=: Self & prefix operators

-: Arithmetic & logical
--: Paths
--: Self & prefix operators
---: Bezier curves
-=: Self & prefix operators
-c: Options
-l: Options
-u: Options
-V: Configuring
-V: Drawing in batch mode

..: Paths
.asy: Search paths

/: Arithmetic & logical
/=: Self & prefix operators

2D graphs: graph

3D graphs: graph3
3D grids: grid3
3D PostScript: three

:: Arithmetic & logical
::: Bezier curves

<: Arithmetic & logical
<=: Arithmetic & logical

==: Structures
==: Arithmetic & logical

>: Arithmetic & logical
>=: Arithmetic & logical

?: Arithmetic & logical

^: Arithmetic & logical
^: Arithmetic & logical
^=: Self & prefix operators
^^: Paths

|: Arithmetic & logical
||: Arithmetic & logical

a4: Configuring
abort: Data types
abs: Data types
abs: Mathematical functions
accel: Paths and guides
accel: Paths and guides
accel: three
access: Import
acknowledgments: Credits
acos: Mathematical functions
aCos: Mathematical functions
acosh: Mathematical functions
add: Frames and pictures
add: Frames and pictures
add: three
addViews: three
adjust: Pens
Ai: Mathematical functions
Airy: Mathematical functions
Ai_deriv: Mathematical functions
alias: Structures
alias: Arrays
Align: label
aligndir: Options
all: Arrays
Allow: Pens
and: Bezier curves
AND: Arithmetic & logical
angle: Data types
animate: Configuring
animate: Files
animate: animation
animation: animation
animation: animation
annotate: annotate
antialias: three
antialias: Options
append: Files
append: Arrays
arc: Paths and guides
Arc: Paths and guides
arc: three
ArcArrow: draw
ArcArrow3: three
ArcArrows: draw
ArcArrows3: three
arclength: Paths and guides
arclength: three
arcpoint: Paths and guides
arctime: Paths and guides
arctime: three
arguments: Default arguments
arithmetic operators: Arithmetic & logical
array: Arrays
array iteration: Programming
arrays: Arrays
arrow: Drawing commands
Arrow: draw
arrow: label
arrow keys: Drawing in interactive mode
Arrow3: three
arrows: draw
Arrows: draw
Arrows3: three
as: Import
ascii: Data types
ascii: Data types
asin: Mathematical functions
aSin: Mathematical functions
asinh: Mathematical functions
Aspect: Frames and pictures
assert: Data types
assignment: Programming
asy: Data types
asy: Import
asy-mode: Editing modes
asy.vim: Editing modes
asyinclude: LaTeX usage
asymptote.sty: LaTeX usage
asymptote.xml: Editing modes
atan: Mathematical functions
aTan: Mathematical functions
atan2: Mathematical functions
atanh: Mathematical functions
atleast: Bezier curves
attach: Frames and pictures
attach: LaTeX usage
attach: graph
autoadjust: three
autoimport: Options
automatic scaling: graph
automatic scaling: graph
axialshade: fill
axis: graph
axis: graph
axis: graph3
axis: graph3
azimuth: Data types

babel: babel
background color: Frames and pictures
BackView: three
Bar: draw
Bar3: three
Bars: draw
Bars3: three
barsize: draw
base modules: Base modules
basealign: Pens
baseline: label
batch mode: Drawing in batch mode
beep: Data types
BeginArcArrow: draw
BeginArcArrow3: three
BeginArrow: draw
BeginArrow3: three
BeginBar: draw
BeginBar3: three
BeginDotMargin: draw
BeginDotMargin3: three
BeginMargin: draw
BeginMargin3: three
BeginPenMargin: draw
BeginPenMargin2: three
BeginPenMargin3: three
BeginPoint: label
Bessel: Mathematical functions
bevel: flowchart
beveljoin: Pens
Bezier curves: Bezier curves
Bezier patch: three
Bezier triangle: three
bezulate: three
Bi: Mathematical functions
Billboard: three
binary: Files
binary format: Files
binary operators: Arithmetic & logical
binarytree: binarytree
Bi_deriv: Mathematical functions
black stripes: three
Blank: draw
block.bottom: flowchart
block.bottomleft: flowchart
block.bottomright: flowchart flowchart
block.draw: flowchart
block.left: flowchart
block.position: flowchart
block.right: flowchart flowchart
block.topleft: flowchart
block.topright: flowchart
bool: Data types
bool3: Data types
boolean operators: Arithmetic & logical
Bottom: graph
BottomTop: graph
BottomView: three
bounding box: Frames and pictures
Bounds: graph3
box: Frames and pictures
box: Frames and pictures
box: three
box: three
bp: Drawing in batch mode
brace: Paths and guides
break: Programming
breakpoints: Debugger
brick: Pens
broken axis: graph
bug reports: Help
buildcycle: Paths and guides
Button-1: GUI
Button-2: GUI
BWRainbow: palette
BWRainbow2: palette

C string: Data types
calculateTransform: Frames and pictures
camera: three
casts: Casts
cbrt: Mathematical functions
cd: Files
ceil: Mathematical functions
Center: label
center: three
checker: Pens
Chinese: unicode
choose: Mathematical functions
Ci: Mathematical functions
circle: Paths and guides
Circle: Paths and guides
circle: three
circle: flowchart
circlebarframe: markers
CJK: unicode
clamped: graph
clear: Files
clear: Debugger
clip: clip
CLZ: Arithmetic & logical
cm: Figure size
cmd: Configuring
cmyk: Pens
colatitude: Data types
color: Pens
coloredNodes: tube
coloredpath: tube
coloredSegments: tube
colorless: Pens
colors: Pens
comma: Files
comma-separated-value mode: Arrays
command-line options: Configuring
command-line options: Options
comment character: Files
compass directions: Labels
Compiling from UNIX source: Compiling from UNIX source
complement: Arrays
concat: Arrays
conditional: Programming
conditional: Arithmetic & logical
config: Configuring
config: Options
configuration file: Configuring
configuration file: Options
configuring: Configuring
conj: Data types
constructors: Structures
context: Options
continue: Programming
continue: Debugger
contour: contour
contour3: contour3
controls: Bezier curves
controls: three
controlSpecifier: Paths and guides
convert: Configuring
convert: Files
convert: animation
convert: Options
convertOptions: Options
Coons shading: fill
copy: Arrays
cos: Mathematical functions
Cos: Mathematical functions
cosh: Mathematical functions
cputime: Structures
crop: graph
cropping graphs: graph
cross: Data types
cross: Data types
cross: graph
crossframe: markers
crosshatch: Pens
csv: Arrays
CTZ: Arithmetic & logical
cubicroots: Arrays
curl: Bezier curves
curl: three
curlSpecifier: Paths and guides
currentpen: Pens
currentprojection: three
curve: slopefield
custom axis types: graph
custom mark routine: graph
custom tick locations: graph
cut: Paths and guides
cycle: Figure size
cycle: Paths
cycle: three
cyclic: Paths and guides
cyclic: Paths and guides
cyclic: Arrays
cyclic: three
Cyrillic: unicode

dashdotted: Pens
dashed: Pens
data types: Data types
date: Data types
Debian: UNIX binary distributions
debugger: Debugger
declaration: Programming
deconstruct: GUI usage
default arguments: Default arguments
defaultformat: graph
DefaultHead: draw
DefaultHead3: three
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultpen: Pens
defaultrender: three
deferred drawing: simplex
degrees: Data types
degrees: Mathematical functions
Degrees: Mathematical functions
delete: Files
delete: Arrays
description: Description
diagonal: Arrays
diamond: flowchart
dimension: Arrays
dir: Search paths
dir: Data types
dir: Data types
dir: Paths and guides
dir: three
direction specifier: Bezier curves
directory: Files
dirSpecifier: Paths and guides
dirtime: Paths and guides
display: Configuring
do: Programming
DOSendl: Files
DOSnewl: Files
dot: draw
dot: Data types
dot: Data types
dot: Arrays
dot: Arrays
DotMargin: draw
DotMargin3: three
DotMargins: draw
DotMargins3: three
dotted: Pens
double deferred drawing: three
double precision: Files
draw: Drawing commands
draw: draw
Draw: draw
draw: draw
Draw: Frames and pictures
draw: three
drawing commands: Drawing commands
drawline: math
drawtree: drawtree
dvips: Configuring
dvipsOptions: Options
dvisvgm: Configuring
dvisvgm: Options
dvisvgmOptions: Options

E: Labels
E: Mathematical functions
Editing modes: Editing modes
Ei: Mathematical functions
ellipse: Paths and guides
ellipse: Frames and pictures
elliptic functions: Mathematical functions
else: Programming
emacs: Editing modes
embed: embed
Embedded: three
empty: Frames and pictures
EndArcArrow: draw
EndArcArrow3: three
EndArrow: draw
EndArrow3: three
EndBar: draw
EndBar3: three
EndDotMargin: draw
EndDotMargin3: three
endl: Files
EndMargin: draw
EndMargin3: three
EndPenMargin: draw
EndPenMargin2: three
EndPenMargin3: three
EndPoint: label
envelope: Frames and pictures
environment variables: Configuring
eof: Files
eof: Arrays
eol: Files
eol: Arrays
EPS: label
EPS: Options
erase: Drawing in interactive mode
erase: Data types
erase: Frames and pictures
erase: Frames and pictures
erf: Mathematical functions
erfc: Mathematical functions
error: Files
error: Files
error bars: graph
errorbars: graph
eval: Import
eval: Import
evenodd: Paths
evenodd: Pens
exit: Data types
exit: Interactive mode
exit: Debugger
exp: Mathematical functions
expi: Data types
expi: Data types
explicit: Casts
explicit casts: Casts
expm1: Mathematical functions
exponential integral: Mathematical functions
extendcap: Pens
extension: Paths and guides
extension: MetaPost
external: embed
extrude: three

F: Mathematical functions
fabs: Mathematical functions
face: three
factorial: Mathematical functions
Fedora: UNIX binary distributions
feynman: feynman
fft: Arrays
fft: math
FFTW: Compiling from UNIX source
file: Files
file: Debugger
Fill: draw
fill: draw
fill: fill
fill: fill
Fill: Frames and pictures
FillDraw: draw
filldraw: fill
FillDraw: Frames and pictures
filloutside: fill
fillrule: Pens
find: Data types
find: Arrays
firstcut: Paths and guides
fit: Frames and pictures
fit3: three
fixedscaling: Frames and pictures
floor: Mathematical functions
flowchart: flowchart
flush: Files
flush: Files
fmod: Mathematical functions
font: Pens
font command: Pens
fontcommand: Pens
fontsize: Pens
for: Programming
format: Data types
format: Options
forum: Help
frame: Frames and pictures
from: Import
FrontView: three
function declarations: Functions
Function shading: fill
function shading: fill
functions: Functions
functions: Mathematical functions
functionshade: fill

gamma: Mathematical functions
Gaussrand: Mathematical functions
geometry: geometry
getc: Files
getpair: Files
getreal: Files
getstring: Files
gettriple: Files
git: Git
glOptions: three
glOptions: Options
GNU Scientific Library: Mathematical functions
gouraudshade: fill
Gradient: palette
gradient shading: fill
graph: graph
graph3: graph3
graphic: label
graphical user interface: GUI
gray: Pens
grayscale: Pens
Grayscale: palette
grid: Pens
grid: graph
grid3: grid3
gs: Configuring
GSL: Compiling from UNIX source
gsl: Mathematical functions
gsOptions: Options
GUI installation: GUI installation
GUI usage: GUI usage
guide: Paths and guides
guide3: three

hatch: Pens
height: LaTeX usage
help: Interactive mode
help: Help
help: Debugger
Hermite: graph
Hermite(splinetype splinetype: graph
hex: Data types
hex: Pens
hexidecimal: Data types
hexidecimal: Pens
hidden surface removal: three
histogram: Mathematical functions
history: Files
history: Interactive mode
historylines: Interactive mode
HookHead: draw
HookHead3: three
Horizontal: flowchart
hyperrefOptions: Options
hypot: Mathematical functions

I: Mathematical functions
iconic: three
identity: Transforms
identity: Mathematical functions
identity: Arrays
identity4: three
if: Programming
IgnoreAspect: Frames and pictures
image: palette
image: palette
ImageMagick: Configuring
ImageMagick: animation
ImageMagick: Options
images: palette
implicit casts: Casts
implicit linear solver: MetaPost
implicit scaling: Implicit scaling
implicitsurface: smoothcontour3
import: Import
inches: Figure size
incircle: Data types
include: Import
including images: label
increasing: math
inf: Data types
inheritance: Structures
initialized: Arrays
initializers: Variable initializers
inline: LaTeX usage
InOutTicks: graph3
input: Files
input: Files
input: Interactive mode
input: Interactive mode
insert: Data types
insert: Arrays
inside: Paths and guides
inside: Paths and guides
inside: Paths and guides
insphere: three
inst: Debugger
installation: Installation
int: Data types
integer division: Arithmetic & logical
interactive mode: Drawing in interactive mode
interactive mode: Interactive mode
interior: Paths and guides
international characters: unicode
interp: Arithmetic & logical
interpolate: interpolate
intersect: Paths and guides
intersect: math
intersect: three
intersectionpoint: Paths and guides
intersectionpoint: math
intersectionpoint: three
intersectionpoints: Paths and guides
intersectionpoints: three
intersectionpoints: three
intersections: Paths and guides
intersections: Paths and guides
intersections: three
intersections: three
InTicks: graph3
intMax: Data types
intMin: Data types
inverse: Transforms
inverse: Arrays
invert: three
invisible: Pens
isnan: Data types
i_scaled: Mathematical functions

J: Mathematical functions
J: Mathematical functions
Japanese: unicode

K: Mathematical functions
Kate: Editing modes
KDE editor: Editing modes
keepAspect: Frames and pictures
keepAspect: Frames and pictures
keepAspect: LaTeX usage
keyboard bindings:: three
keys: Arrays
keyword: Named arguments
keyword-only: Named arguments
keywords: Named arguments
Korean: unicode
k_scaled: Mathematical functions

label: Labels
Label: draw
label: label
Label: label
Label: graph
label: three
labelpath: labelpath
labelpath3: labelpath3
labelx: graph
labely: graph
Landscape: Frames and pictures
lastcut: Paths and guides
lasy-mode: Editing modes
latex: Options
LaTeX fonts: Pens
LaTeX usage: LaTeX usage
latexmk: LaTeX usage
latin1: latin1
latitude: Data types
latticeshade: fill
layer: Drawing commands
leastsquares: stats
leastsquares: graph
Left: graph
LeftRight: graph
LeftSide: label
LeftTicks: graph
LeftTicks: graph
LeftView: three
legend: Drawing commands
legend: draw
legend: graph
Legendre: Mathematical functions
length: Data types
length: Data types
length: Data types
length: Paths and guides
length: Paths and guides
length: Arrays
length: three
letter: Configuring
lexorder: math
lexorder: math
libgs: Configuring
libgs: Options
libm routines: Mathematical functions
libsigsegv: Functions
libsigsegv: Help
limits: graph
line: Arrays
line: Arrays
line mode: Arrays
Linear: graph
linecap: Pens
linejoin: Pens
lineskip: Pens
linetype: Pens
linewidth: Pens
locale: Data types
log: Mathematical functions
Log: graph
log-log graph: graph
log10: Mathematical functions
log1p: Mathematical functions
log2 graph: graph
logarithmic graph: graph
logical operators: Arithmetic & logical
longdashdotted: Pens
longdashed: Pens
longitude: Data types
loop: Programming
lualatex: Options
luatex: Options

MacOS X binary distributions: MacOS X binary distributions
makepen: Pens
map: Arrays
Margin: draw
Margin: draw
Margin3: three
Margin3: three
Margins: draw
margins: three
Margins3: three
mark: graph
markangle: markers
marker: graph
markers: markers
marknodes: graph
markuniform: graph
mask: Data types
math: math
mathematical functions: Mathematical functions
max: Paths and guides
max: Frames and pictures
max: Arrays
max: Arrays
max: three
maxbound: Data types
maxbound: Data types
maxtile: three
maxtimes: Paths and guides
maxviewport: three
MetaPost: MetaPost
MetaPost ... : Bezier curves
MetaPost cutafter: Paths and guides
MetaPost cutbefore: Paths and guides
MetaPost pickup: Pens
MetaPost whatever: MetaPost
Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Windows
MidArcArrow: draw
MidArcArrow3: three
MidArrow: draw
MidArrow3: three
MidPoint: label
midpoint: Paths and guides
min: Paths and guides
min: Frames and pictures
min: Arrays
min: Arrays
min: three
minbound: Data types
minbound: Data types
minipage: label
mintimes: Paths and guides
miterjoin: Pens
miterlimit: Pens
mktemp: Files
mm: Figure size
mode: Files
mode: Files
monotonic: graph
mouse: GUI
mouse bindings: three
Move: Pens
MoveQuiet: Pens
multisample: three

N: Labels
name: Files
named arguments: Named arguments
nan: Data types
natural: graph
new: Structures
new: Arrays
new: Arrays
newframe: Frames and pictures
newl: Files
newton: Mathematical functions
newton: Mathematical functions
next: Debugger
NFSS: Pens
nobasealign: Pens
NoFill: draw
NoFill: Frames and pictures
NoMargin: draw
NoMargin3: three
None: draw
None: draw
none: Files
normal: three
nosafe: Options
NOT: Arithmetic & logical
notaknot: graph
NoTicks: graph
NoTicks3: graph3
null: Structures
nullpen: label
nullpen: Frames and pictures
nullpen: Frames and pictures
NURBS: three

O: three
obj: obj
oblique: three
obliqueX: three
obliqueY: three
obliqueZ: three
ode: ode
offset: Pens
offset: Options
OmitTick: graph
OmitTickInterval: graph
OmitTickIntervals: graph
opacity: Pens
open: Files
OpenGL: three
operator: User-defined operators
operator --: graph
operator ..: graph
operator answer: Interactive mode
operator cast: Casts
operator ecast: Casts
operator init: Variable initializers
operator init: Structures
operators: Operators
options: Options
OR: Arithmetic & logical
orient: Data types
orient: three
orientation: Frames and pictures
orthographic: three
outformat: three
outprefix: Frames and pictures
output: Files
output: Options
OutTicks: graph3
overloading functions: Functions
overwrite: Pens

P: Mathematical functions
pack: label
packing: Rest arguments
pair: Figure size
pair: Data types
pairs: Arrays
paperheight: Configuring
papertype: Configuring
paperwidth: Configuring
parallelogram: flowchart
parametric surface: graph3
parametrized curve: graph
partialsum: math
partialsum: math
patch-dependent colors: three
path: Paths
path: Paths and guides
path: three
path: flowchart
path markers: graph
path3: three
path3: three
path[]: Paths
patterns: Pens
patterns: patterns
PDF: Options
pdflatex: Options
pdfreloadOptions: Options
pdfviewer: Configuring
pdfviewerOptions: Options
pen: Pens
PenMargin: draw
PenMargin2: three
PenMargin3: three
PenMargins: draw
PenMargins2: three
PenMargins3: three
periodic: graph
perl: LaTeX usage
perpendicular: geometry
perspective: three
picture: Frames and pictures
picture alignment: Frames and pictures
piecewisestraight: Paths and guides
pixel: three
Pl: Mathematical functions
plain: plain
planar: three
plane: three
planeproject: three
point: Paths and guides
point: Paths and guides
point: three
polar: Data types
polargraph: graph
polygon: graph
pop: Arrays
Portrait: Frames and pictures
postcontrol: Paths and guides
postcontrol: three
postfix operators: Self & prefix operators
postscript: Frames and pictures
PostScript fonts: Pens
PostScript subpath: Paths
pow10: Mathematical functions
prc: three
precision: Files
precontrol: Paths and guides
precontrol: three
prefix operators: Self & prefix operators
private: Structures
programming: Programming
pstoedit: PostScript to Asymptote
psview: Microsoft Windows
psviewer: Configuring
psviewerOptions: Options
pt: Figure size
public: Structures
push: Arrays
Python usage: Interactive mode

quadraticroots: Arrays
quadraticroots: Arrays
quarticroots: math
quick reference: Description
quit: Drawing in interactive mode
quit: Interactive mode
quit: Debugger
quote: Import
quotient: Arithmetic & logical

radialshade: fill
RadialShade: Frames and pictures
RadialShadeDraw: Frames and pictures
radians: Mathematical functions
radius: Paths and guides
radius: three
Rainbow: palette
rand: Mathematical functions
randMax: Mathematical functions
read: Arrays
reading: Files
reading string arrays: Arrays
readline: Files
real: Data types
realDigits: Data types
realEpsilon: Data types
realMax: Data types
realMin: Data types
realmult: Data types
rectangle: flowchart
recursion: Functions
reference: Description
reflect: Transforms
Relative: label
Relative: label
relpoint: Paths and guides
reltime: Paths and guides
remainder: Mathematical functions
rename: Files
render: three
render: three
render: Options
replace: Data types
resetdefaultpen: Pens
rest arguments: Rest arguments
restore: Frames and pictures
restricted: Structures
return: Debugger
reverse: Data types
reverse: Paths and guides
reverse: Paths and guides
reverse: Arrays
reverse: three
rewind: Files
rfind: Data types
rgb: Pens
rgb: Pens
Riemann zeta function: Mathematical functions
Right: graph
RightSide: label
RightTicks: graph
RightTicks: graph
RightView: three
Rotate: label
rotate: three
Rotate(pair z): label
round: Mathematical functions
roundcap: Pens
roundedpath: roundedpath
roundjoin: Pens
roundrectangle: flowchart
RPM: UNIX binary distributions
runtime imports: Import
Russian: unicode

S: Labels
safe: Options
save: Frames and pictures
saveline: Files
Scale: label
scale: Pens
scale: Transforms
scale: Transforms
scale: graph
Scale: graph
scale: three
scale3: three
scaled graph: graph
scientific graph: graph
scroll: Files
search: Arrays
search: Arrays
search paths: Search paths
Seascape: Frames and pictures
secondary axis: graph
secondaryX: graph
secondaryY: graph
seconds: Data types
seek: Files
seekeof: Files
segment: math
segmentation fault: Help
self operators: Self & prefix operators
sequence: Arrays
settings: Configuring
settings: Options
sgn: Mathematical functions
shading: fill
Shift: label
shift: Transforms
shift: Transforms
shift: Transforms
shift: three
shiftless: Transforms
shipout: Frames and pictures
showtarget: three
Si: Mathematical functions
signedint: Files
signedint: Files
SimpleHead: draw
simplex: simplex
simpson: Mathematical functions
sin: Mathematical functions
Sin: Mathematical functions
single precision: Files
singleint: Files
singleint: Files
singlereal: Files
singlereal: Files
sinh: Mathematical functions
SixViews: three
SixViewsFR: three
SixViewsUS: three
size: Figure size
size: Paths and guides
size: Paths and guides
size: Frames and pictures
size: Frames and pictures
size: three
size: Options
size3: three
Slant: label
slant: Transforms
sleep: Data types
slice: Paths and guides
slice: Paths and guides
slices: Slices
slide: slide
slope: math
slope: math
slopefield: slopefield
smoothcontour3: smoothcontour3
sncndn: Mathematical functions
solid: Pens
solids: solids
solve: Arrays
solve: Arrays
sort: Arrays
sort: Arrays
sort: Arrays
Spline: graph
Spline: graph3
split: Data types
sqrt: Mathematical functions
squarecap: Pens
srand: Mathematical functions
stack overflow: Functions
stack overflow: Functions
stack overflow: Help
static: Static
stats: stats
stdin: Files
stdout: Files
step: Debugger
stickframe: markers
stop: Debugger
straight: Paths and guides
Straight: graph
straight: three
strftime: Data types
strftime: Data types
string: Data types
string: Data types
stroke: fill
stroke: clip
strokepath: Paths and guides
strptime: Data types
struct: Structures
structures: Structures
subpath: Paths and guides
subpath: three
subpictures: Frames and pictures
substr: Data types
sum: Arrays
superpath: Paths
Suppress: Pens
SuppressQuiet: Pens
surface: three
surface: three
surface: three
surface: graph3
SVG: Options
system: Data types
system: Options
syzygy: syzygy

tab: Files
tab completion: Drawing in interactive mode
tan: Mathematical functions
Tan: Mathematical functions
tanh: Mathematical functions
target: three
tell: Files
tension: Bezier curves
tension: three
tensionSpecifier: Paths and guides
tensor product shading: fill
tensorshade: fill
tessellation: three
tex: Frames and pictures
tex: Options
TeX fonts: Pens
TeX string: Data types
texcommand: Configuring
TeXHead: draw
TeXHead3: three
texpath: Configuring
texpath: label
texpreamble: Frames and pictures
texreset: Frames and pictures
textbook graph: graph
tgz: UNIX binary distributions
thick: three
thin: three
this: Structures
three: three
ThreeViews: three
ThreeViewsFR: three
ThreeViewsUS: three
tick: graph
ticks: graph
Ticks: graph
Ticks: graph
tildeframe: markers
tile: Pens
tilings: Pens
time: Data types
time: Data types
time: math
time: math
times: Paths and guides
times: Paths and guides
Top: graph
TopView: three
trace: Debugger
trailingzero: graph
transform: Transforms
transform: three
transform3: three
transparency: Pens
transpose: Arrays
transpose: Arrays
tree: tree
trembling: trembling
triangle: geometry
triangles: three
triangulate: contour
tridiagonal: Arrays
trigonometric integrals: Mathematical functions
triple: Data types
TrueMargin: draw
TrueMargin3: three
tube: three
tube: tube
tutorial: Tutorial
type1cm: Pens
typedef: Data types
typedef: Functions

U3D: embed
undefined: Paths and guides
UnFill: draw
unfill: fill
UnFill: Frames and pictures
UnFill: Frames and pictures
unicode: unicode
uniform: Arrays
uninstall: Uninstall
unique: math
unit: Data types
unit: Data types
unitbox: Paths
unitbox: three
unitcircle: Paths
unitcircle: Paths
unitcircle: three
unitrand: Mathematical functions
unitsize: Figure size
unitsize: Frames and pictures
UNIX binary distributions: UNIX binary distributions
unpacking: Rest arguments
unravel: Import
up: three
update: Files
UpsideDown: Frames and pictures
UpsideDown: Frames and pictures
usepackage: Frames and pictures
user coordinates: Figure size
user-defined operators: User-defined operators
usleep: Data types

value: math
value: math
var: Variable initializers
variable initializers: Variable initializers
vectorfield: graph
vectorfield: graph
vectorfield3: graph3
vectorization: Arrays
verbatim: Frames and pictures
vertex-dependent colors: three
Vertical: flowchart
viewportheight: LaTeX usage
viewportmargin: three
viewportsize: three
viewportwidth: LaTeX usage
views: three
vim: Editing modes
virtual functions: Structures
void: Data types

W: Labels
whatever: Paths and guides
Wheel: palette
wheel mouse: GUI
while: Programming
white-space string delimiter mode: Arrays
width: LaTeX usage
windingnumber: Paths and guides
word: Arrays
write: Files
write: Arrays

X: three
xasy: GUI
xaxis3: graph3
xdr: Files
xelatex: Options
XEquals: graph
xequals: graph
xlimits: graph
XOR: Arithmetic & logical
xpart: Data types
xpart: Data types
xscale: Transforms
xscale3: three
xtick: graph
XY: three
XY: three
XYEquals: graph3
XYZero: graph3
XZEquals: graph3
XZero: graph
XZZero: graph3

Y: Mathematical functions
Y: Mathematical functions
Y: three
yaxis3: graph3
YEquals: graph
yequals: graph
ylimits: graph
ypart: Data types
ypart: Data types
yscale: Transforms
yscale3: three
ytick: graph
YX: three
YZ: three
YZEquals: graph3
YZero: graph
YZZero: graph3

Z: three
zaxis3: graph3
zerowinding: Pens
zero_Ai: Mathematical functions
zero_Ai_deriv: Mathematical functions
zero_Bi: Mathematical functions
zero_Bi_deriv: Mathematical functions
zero_J: Mathematical functions
zeta: Mathematical functions
zpart: Data types
zscale3: three
ZX: three
ZX: three
ZY: three

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